New York Today: The Subway Rolls Onto the Stage

Updated, 8:08 a.m.

Good morning on this breezy Monday.

Welcome back, W train.

The subway line returns after a six-year hiatus, now running between Lower Manhattan and Astoria in Queens.

If that doesn’t make you want to sing with glee and skip along a train platform, perhaps this will.

“In Transit,” the a cappella musical about the magic that unfolds on the New York City subway, opens this week on Broadway.

The gist:

“We all live in this very crowded city, a lot of times in our own bubble as we travel on the subway or throughout our lives, and yet we’re all interconnected,” Kathleen Marshall, the show’s director, said.

“The show takes the big city and turns it into a small town.”

On stage, the subway becomes a metaphor for our lives as New Yorkers, she explained: “It’s about moving forward in a literal sense — with travel and transportation — and also trying to move forward with your life.”

The show’s 11 characters are trying to do just that, confronting obstacles in their lives, careers and relationships.

One guy has recently lost his job. One woman has moved to New York for a relationship that then ends. Two men who are engaged struggle for acceptance from one man’s rigid, religious family.

Previews begin on Thursday at Circle in the Square Theater.

“There’s gum on the seats, and graffiti on the wall,” the score goes. “But it’s real. And it’s here. And I’m part of it all.”

From the New York Times, by ALEXANDRA S. LEVINE